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Ronald Burks, President

"A Christ Centered Congress"


The Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education is responsible for the promotion of the Christian education through the local churches. 

2017 Annual Session Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education

Our Annual Session CLS for - April 24-28, 2017 - is a Certified School. The School Number is 20739S. Pre-Registration has begun, and we are looking forward to your participation to help make this another successful session. Please pre-register your children/youth as well. We are offering CPR/ First Aid/ AED Training this year at a cost of $35, which includes certification cards. Payment is due at registration. We will announce a Form Drop-off day in the near future.



Congress Christian Education Resources


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- - > January 2016 Lecture Notes - "Exam Experts" M. Mayberry


Certificate of Progress Program:

Changes are on the way, effective September 1, 2016! If you have been procrastinating, it is strongly recommended that you complete the following before September 1, 2016:

  • Complete Phase 2, 3 and 4. After September 1st, the current Electives will be removed, and a required course will replace the Electives.
  • If you have any College or Seminary Transcripts that you would like to have evaluated, please work with a Certified Dean and complete this now for FREE. After September 1st the Transcript Review fee will be $5.00.

Session Course Cards

If you have missed two or more classes, you will not receive a course card, unless you complete a make up assignment with your Instructor.  Please remember to sign in as the Deans Office can only use the sign in sheets as verification of attendance. 

Individual Registrations

To our Students who are not members of a Metropolitan Missionary Baptist District Association Church, we invite you to participate in our class sessions, however, please make a donation of $25.00 to support the District.  Please take your individual donations to the Finance Office.  Thank you for your faithfulness. 



Click here to visit the District Calendar for more information on specific meeting locations.

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Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education (MEDCCE) registered churches attend at no additional cost. If your Church is not registered with MEDCCE, the donation is $25 per student, which will be collected before class begins. Checks should be made payable to MEDCCE.

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